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Your first choice VRS support service

We fully understand the complexity of modern VRS projects, and our wide range of support services will help you deliver to the highest standards.

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Our crews are on hand to deliver your permanent VRS Installs to the highest standard, with a fully self-managed service:

  • Setting out

  • Services detection

  • Installation and reinstatement of all VRS systems in the UK

  • SSSTS VRS Supervision

  • Site welfare vehicles

  • Designer feedback and reporting

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VRS Permanant Installs


With the ever-changing network, temporary installs are fundamental on our roads. From large schemes,  local Temporary Traffic Management to Utilities and Emergency Services, we can install Temporary Systems for any instance.

Our specialist team can deploy Temporary Systems anywhere in the UK, with competitive rates and fast service. Our experienced crews can make this a simple process for your project

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VRS Take down & Removal


VRS take down & removal is the starting point for any large reinstatement project, and our crews continue to deliver safe and efficient results when stripping out and removing redundant VRS from site.

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We can maintain a wide range of restraint systems from UK manufacturers, listed below are systems we maintain and install:-


  • Tensioned Courrugated Beam (TCB)

  • Un-tensioned Corruigated Beam (UCB)

  • Open Box Beam (OBB)

  • Double Rail Open Box Beam (DROBB)

  • Two/Four Rail Open Box Beam

  • Rectangular Hollow Section (RHS)

  • Temporary Concrete Block (TVCB & THVCB)

  • Varioguard (Including Sologuard crossing points)

  • Corus Corrugated Beams (CCB)

  • Safety Barrier Systems

  • Vetex Safety Barrier systems

  • Flexbeam

  • P4 Terminals

  • Protect 365

  • Steel Step Barrier

  • Palisade and General Fencing.

  • Megarail

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Modern Slavery Act 2015 Section 54


Highway Fencing Limited recognises modern slavery and human trafficking as an organised crime where people are treated as commodities and exploited for criminal gain. 

It is identified that all organisations collectively need to undertake steps to eliminate these activities from entering their supply chain.

We will continue to trade ethically within our limited direct supply chain together with communicating within our business a zero tolerance to abuse of Human Rights. We will assess our own risk and raise internal awareness to support ethical business activity. 

We will also work actively with our clients by encouraging our staff to support implementation of their policies by raising awareness of the issue, conduct the requested checks, and monitor general operational activity and actively report concerns through the appropriate channels.