Highway Fencing Ltd, Specialist Installers of Highway Safety Fence Systems

Specialist Installers of

Highway Safety Fence Systems

on behalf of Persimmon Homes South Yorkshire

for DMBC

Works were undertaken comfortably within a 2-week period enabling other contractors access to the closures provided.

HFL works completed defect free, accommodating additional works within the original labour allowances,

ahead of schedule and executed safely. 


  • Traffic management provided by Alliance Highways 


  • Advanced works required to remove the existing boundary fencing and reduce the verge level down to that of carriageway level, thanks to an operated 3CX JCB from Flannery plant. 


  • All materials were either spread locally to widen the verge or removed for recycling, no materials were committed to landfill.


  • Foundations were excavated by Vacuum Excavatio, provided by Kilkern- Vac UK, who accommodated the works further by providing Hydraulic breaker packs as the verge was full of old stone which without breakout and removal would have prevented the foundations being installed. (Stone was reclaimed for recycling.) 


  • Concrete provided by Spot on concrete enabling us to accelerate our programme by accommodating additional loads as the works progressed.


  • To comply with Health and safety requirements a Welfare unit was provided for the duration of the works by Think Hire


  • Steel was provided By Saferoad, works comprised of the installation of two P4 Safeend terminals N2 W1 installed in linear concrete trench and N2 W2 in independent foundations.


  • Highway Fencing enabled other contractors through Bassetlaw construction to undertake carriageway planing and resurfacing, Kerbing and pavement works for crossings and footways, and white lining operations. Access provided for DMBC to replace three existing lighting columns.